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Juliet Schreckinger - Stolen Star Dance


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Stolen Star Dance
17”x17”, Ink and graphite on Arches hot pressed paper

"What happens if you steal a star?" Horton asked Oscar as they sat together on the sand overlooking the rolling sea. "Well, I guess you can borrow a star for a little while, but you really shouldn't steal a star. They don't belong to anyone, and they are supposed to be for everyone. Without the stars, the moon would get lonely," Oscar answered. "So do the stars belong to the moon? If I stole a star, am I stealing from the moon?" Horton asked inquisitively. "Well, the moon does not own the stars. I imagine they are friends, in the same way you and I are friends. Without you, my nights would be quiet and lonely, but you bring the light into my life as the moon brings it to the stars." Horton grew quiet, pondering all that Oscar had said. "I think I understand now. I would never want to take away the moon's friend, because if someone took you away I don't know what I would do. They are just so beautiful to look at, and I wanted to steal one to give to you," Horton said. "Why don't we dance with them? We can hold them and then give them back to the moon before the night is over. We can dance to the rhythm of the waves and be back before high tide." Oscar loved this idea, and smiled at his oldest friend. "It would be my honor to dance with you among the stars." Horton flew them high above the sea, and together they danced. Oscar smiled at the moon, and he was almost sure he saw the moon smile back.