Allison Sommers - John Roll


​John Roll // 16"x 5"x 16" // Mixed Media & Found Objects

Created for Allison Sommers 2018 installation "Last Ditch Effort" at Antler Gallery.

Last Ditch Effort deals with the idea of how one individual might potentially react to the draining, relentless, horrifying mess of our times. This interactive installation is a bivouac assembled in an imaginary location to which the inhabitant has fled in the wake of, well, frankly any of the many terrifying possibilities you care to imagine which seem so eerily possible at this moment in history.

From the artist:
"First aid kits are unemotional, but their presence is reassuring;
their contents are authoritatively stated to be objects of usefulness; their organization is comfortingly taxonomic, imparting power to each discrete category of item: they elevate them as the only, or at least best, ones you need in an emergency. To prepare—with first aid kits and bunkers and go-bags— is unquestioningly conceived of as a virtue unto itself, good citizenship, until excess overcomes "reasonability". There is something of a fruitless gesture in maintaining a first aid kit— the average one would be relatively unhelpful in a true disaster— and their presence thus becomes something talismanic, a submission to an authority of Usefulness that is ultimately empty. A bunker filled with first aid kits is as much a plausible refuge from disaster as it is a barrow filled with grave goods."

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