Derek Nobbs - Buster’s Whale (Physeter macrocephalus diminutive)


Ink on 300lb hot press paper // 11" x 11" (framed 15" x 15")

Derek Nobbs created this piece for Antler Gallery's annual show "Unnatural Histories" in 2016.

Buster's Whale

One day a boy and his cat were out exploring the seaside.  It was a rather nice summer day and both his parents were at work, so the day was his.  Seeing as it was nearing the end of summer and he had already exhausted his favorite spots, he went farther up the coast than he had ever gone before. Buster the cat led the way checking in every tidepool for a tasty fish to eat, which he rarely found. Mostly he just got in tussles with the local crabs. Today, however, was different. Today Buster found a fish he had never seen before, a fish that was not a fish at all but a whale—a tiny toothed whale. It looked like the kind of whale the boy had seen in movies with grouchy captains who were hell-bent on catching the giant creatures. But this whale was so small it fit perfectly in the small bottle the boy had been carrying drinking water in. The boy thought maybe it was a baby whale, but over the years the whale never grew, even though he had a big aquarium to live in. Eventually the boy got older and interested in other things, like baseball and girls, and he decided to return the whale to the ocean, much to Buster’s dismay. Now the aquarium sits empty, but Buster still stares at it everyday, fondly remembering his whale."

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