Jessica McCourt - The Baku


Watercolor and hand-cut paper //  16" X 22 1/2"   (Framed 20 1/4" X 26 1/4") // $1,300 

Jessica McCourt created this piece for Antler Gallery's annual show "Unnatural Histories" in 2016.

The Baku

The Baku is a nightmare-devouring being that originated in Chinese folklore, but can be found in Japanese folklore as early as the 14th- 15th century. It has been described as a chimera, made by the gods with leftover parts after creating all other animals. The Baku is said to consist of an elephant's trunk, rhinoceros eyes, an ox tail and tiger paws. That description has varied slightly over time.
Legend says that a person who is woke by a nightmare can call out to the Baku to come eat the bad dream. One must be cautious when calling upon it however, for if the nightmare does not satisfy its hunger, it will continue to devour the person's hopes and desires, leaving that person to an empty life. 

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