JS Weis - Arctic Sea Bear


Pen on Strathmore 500 Board // 14" x 11" (Framed 16" x 13") 

​"Dolphins and whales’ hoofed ancestor looked like a combination of a pig and rodent on deer legs. It seems improbable looking at a whale’s streamlined, gargantuan body that it evolved from something so modest, but that’s how evolution works. Every species on earth is slowly turning into something else. Polar bears are the poster animal for a warming planet, and I imagined what they would become if the temperature increases gradually over thousands of years. Polar bears could evolve into primarily aquatic animals. I imagined them punting along coldwater reefs with symbiotic anemones camouflaging them from the prey they’re about to ambush, or maybe they split clams and oysters with their massive paws. Who knows."