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Juliet Schreckinger - Willy the Pelican and His Hermit Crab Friend


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Willy the Pelican and His Hermit Crab Friend
6”x6”, Ink and graphite on Arches hot pressed paper

Willy has always been fearful of crabs. He had heard many scary stories about how they could pinch you when you weren't looking. He avoided them whenever possible, and tried to always keep an eye out for them when he walked along the shore. One day while he was enjoying the cool breeze from atop Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon, he heard a loud splash. He looked down, expecting to see a fish jumping, but instead saw a small hermit crab trying again and again to climb up on the large rock. The crab would make it a short way up, and then fall off back into the sea. Willy wanted to help the small crab, but was very afraid it might pinch him. He slowly made his way over to it, and asked if the crab wanted any help. The crab did, and carefully climbed onto Willy's beak. Willy flew to the very top of the beautiful rock, and showed the crab all of the beautiful views from this height. The crab explained that it has been his life goal to make it to the top of the rock, but he was never strong enough to do it alone. No one else would help him since most birds are wary of helping crabs. He thanked Willy for trusting him and for helping him achieve his wildest dream, and Willy thanked
him for being such a lovely companion on this beautiful foggy day. They sat atop the rock for hours, laughing and taking in the stunning view.