Laurie Lee Brom - The Tale of Eloise


Oil on Panel, 12" x 16"

​Eloise, a quiet soul on the cusp of womanhood, far preferred the company of her dolls and cats to that of girls her age. Her mother said she was fragile and not fit to leave the house, especially when the weather was damp. One evening Eloise and her dolls decided it might be fun to partake in mother's Sherry and as one sip led to two, then three, then four, Eloise heard the wind whispering her name and out the door she went. She stumbled and hiccupped her way along the garden path to watch the bats as they flittered and fluttered about the big bright moon. And it was then that she noticed him, a man, neither tall nor short, but ever so handsome and so very, very pale. He took her hand and kissed her once upon the cheek. She shivered from ear to heels. He kissed her again, upon the neck and she felt things she was quite sure mother would never approve of. Then she hiccupped, a mighty hiccup, and felt a sting upon her ear. She hiccupped again, louder, and he stepped away; his face ever so perturbed. Another hiccup and he was gone. Eloise's ears began to tingle and all at once the night bloomed and blossomed and she could hear the bats singing and see colors that never were. "How nice," she said, between hiccups, "How very, very nice. I can't wait to tell Mother."