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Casey Weldon - Catbat


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12x12" // Acrylic on Wood // **SOLD**

This painting was created for the fifth incarnation of Antler Gallery's annual group show "Unnatural Histories". 


The domesticated catbat (Latin: Felis batus) or the feral batcat (LatinFelis silvestris batus) is a small, typically furry, insectivorous mammal. Believed to have been of the first of domesticated animals, with evidence dating as far back as the first of the cave dwelling humans, the felis batus is valued for it's companionship and it's ability to hunt super gross things. Unlike it's cousin the house cat, felis batus nap on the ceiling which is preferable for keeping a tidy home free of shed coats. Unlike it's brother the bat, felis batus ain't all crazy gnarly looking and in fact are super adorbs.