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Josie Morway - Symbiotes 3: Visitation


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18x24" // Oil and enamel on panel 

Symbiotes 3 :: Visitation
So say you are on the move one day, because you
are always on the move and you are thinking
No no no,  I
am not covered in flowers and fronds,
I don’t spit crushed petals and twigs from my
mouth every time I open it, and I have not planted and
the harvest is not my concern but
then say your nature lands on a branch in front of you for a moment,
and folds its wings and says

You have no idea how deeply involved you are in all of this.
You are spored with evidence, nurturing a thousand burgeoning buds,
your vines are showing, your history blooms,
grows out from under your every feather and well thank goodness
for that, because without the fruit of
your entanglements, what would you eat?
You’ve been on the move but you’ve been 

gardening all this time and
while roots are optional,
there is nothing that truly lives on air alone.

And say as you prepare to respond you cough
up a perfectly ripe fig,
and a wasp
​flies away.