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Lisa Ericson - Oasis


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Acrylic on wood panel, 12”x12” // **SOLD**

​Lisa Ericson is showing with Antler Gallery for the fifth time, following her sold out shows in 2015, 2016 & 2017. She has a way of combining her flawless technical ability with her knowledge of design and an incredible imagination in a way that feels truly unique to her. These combined experiences and talents result in immaculately rendered hyperreal paintings which are underpinned by strong concepts and excellent composition.

Ericson first became known for her photo-realistic renderings of “mouser-flies” (rodents with butterfly wings) and subsequently paintings of fish whose sprawling fins act as habitats for smaller species in need of protection. The depth of feeling really shines through in these gorgeous depictions of diverse species which look as though they could be photographs taken on a night safari or deep-dive. In this new series we see a continuation of her more recent works in which tortoises carry other creatures to new habitats, an idea she has expanded upon. She continues to explore the natural world, the animals that inhabit it, and, ultimately, a reckoning of the human relationship with that world. In these pieces, rising waters have forced disparate creatures to take refuge on the backs of others and to form uneasy truces with each other as they travel into an uncertain future.