Andrew Ghrist - Owner of Storms


Andrew Ghrist
Owner of Storms
gouache and acrylic on paper, 15"x22"
An indigenous tribe in Argentina called the Toba people have believed in powerful but benevolent little creatures called a Qasoǵonaǵas. The few descriptions speak of small anteaters with striped locks of rainbow hair and an ability to tame lightning. Well, to be completely honest they control all of the weather. Living amongst the clouds performing their celestial duty to keep meteorological balance in the ecosystem. They take their job very seriously, often surveying the plants and animals of the earth ensuring they are enduring but in their curiosity can find themselves falling to the earth by accident. One would think that an animal living so high would be able to fly, however these rainbow electric anteaters cannot fly but can walk and hop on the tops of clouds. Once on Earth the Qasoǵonaǵas are stuck on the surface until a human can find them and perform a ritual to return them to the sky. The Qasoǵonaǵas on its return to the sky will reward the performer of the ritual with Shamanistic powers.