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Yanoe - The Outlyer


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The Outlyer
12" x 18" acrylic on ornate vintage floater panel
I was created by Artemis, God of Wild Animals and the hunt, chosen as a project of hers and Zues. Part owl, part butterfly and part fish. A collective of their favorite creatures. I was born in a pond in the middle of the Kanto Region in Japan in 500 BC. When I grew up my butterfly wings bloomed and I lived in the grasslands near the pond. I was brought to bring joy to the people but instead all I did was create chaos. I realized humans don’t like what they cannot understand.

It’s hard to exist in a society where you are condemned as a monster or a freak of nature just because you’re different. The people in the village closest to me think i’m a Shinigami or a God of Death, brought down to wreak vengeance on the region.

Its funny that they think I’m meant for evil, because that is so far from true... I actually bring sustenance to the land and a sense of magic to the people. Many have attempted to kill me on countless occasions and time after time they eventually realize I’m immortal. What they don’t realize is, if I died, the land would surely die with me.