Elizabeth Jean Younce - America, the destructive


Elizabeth Jean Younce - America, the destructive
Lithograph, 14"x16"
$375 framed (one available)
$250 unframed (17 available)
Squawking, choking, tangling— struggling to find a balance between greed and what is good for itself. The Bald Eagle and the Rose cannot survive without one another, yet they cannot seem to exist in harmony either. Day in and day out spiny flowers protrude from the Eagles beak and ensnare its feathered body, pulling him in directions he refuses. The Roses know what’s best as they pursue beauty, love, and humility but, the mighty Eagle fights back. He wants things his way or no way at all. Though passionate and strong the Roses wither under the overbearing brutality of his feathers, leaving behind a tattered semblance of what once was. It’s been said that one cannot help oneself and someone else simultaneously. There will always be a compromise, a give and take.