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Katy Harrald - 'The Portland Merchicken'


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Katy Harrald - 'The Portland Merchicken'
Pencil on Paper, 8.5"x11.5"
The mysterious Mer-chicken of Portland was first sighted in November 1457.
Witnessed by the entire population of the isle of Portland, it was described as a monstrous marine cockerel which rose up out of the waves, the size of four or five men, “hauin a great crest vpon his head, and a great red beard, and legs halfe a yard long.” After crowing and frantically bobbing its head four times to each point of the compass, this monster submerged back beneath the waves.
It was not seen again until 1757, when it was sighted by historian the Reverend John Hutchins. Later tales emerged in the nineteeth century, and more recently 1995.
With a magical and rugged coastline such as Dorset’s; who is to say this monster of the deep hasn’t found its home amongst the rocky outcrops and hidden coves.