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Neil M. Perry - Palms


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Neil M. Perry - Palms
Acrylic on Panel, 12"x16"
I was forged by Pharaohs and revered as a God. For centuries I kept company exclusively with monarchs, though as a consequence of ill-fortune rather than by design. I am father to all dogs who hunt by sight and as such it is little wonder that I am the marvel of human literature. Chaucer and Shakespeare found room for me in their pages, even the bible calls upon me by name. In humanity’s darkest age I was set-aside and spared extinction where others were allowed to expire. I was a faithful companion as white people took to the seas in search of the new world then exploited for my speed in games of risk and reward (financial, naturally) as the firebird of capitalism arose from the ashes of burned villages. Beset on all sides by those who wish to use my superlative skills, I’ve made a habit of seeking out friends and protectors when the walls start to close around me. Those who find a friend in me often being me with them to the precipice of the next life, in the knowledge that a more dependable companion does not exist.