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Stephanie Inagaki - Kamen


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Stephanie Inagaki
12"x12.75"( Frame size 15" x 16"), Charcoal, gold foil, washi paper
Inspired by the mythology and folklore of my Japanese heritage, I have created my own visual narrative to symbolize the creatures I draw as familiars. Familiars protect us, they are a part of who we essentially are, give us strength, and can help lead us to our ways. Sometimes they can be mischievous too. And throughout history, the creatures that I have portrayed have all had mystical qualities from shapeshifting, guiding the gods, to being gods themselves.
Kitsune are one of the most popular amongst these creatures and the more tails they have, the wiser they are. "Kamen" means "mask" in Japanese - we all wear masks for the public and even for ourselves. Do we keep building and creating more as we get older or learn to shed them to find our authentic selves?