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Calvin Laituri - Blight drew ever nearer


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Calvin Laituri
Blight drew ever nearer
4"x6.7" (9.5"x12.5" framed)
Archival ink and engraving on clayboard surface
The piece depicts a variety of 20th century mythology. The subject represents the blight that nearly eradicated the American Chestnut tree, as a result of human introduced invasive disease. Chestnut trees of yore stood tall and ancient, contrast to the young resurgent forests of our time. Now they are nothing more than handed down memory, a thing of legend, as the last of the great trees died off mid-century. Today hardly growing to the size of a branch before beginning to wither and perish.
In the foreground, its prey, of the last of its kind. Below the creature, a swath of victims.