Jason Borders - Snake River Gods
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Jason Borders is an artist who makes carved bone pieces, which are dyed using hand-made inks. We have been working with Jason for over five years now and have observed him become a master of his craft. This latest series is centered around a particular petroglyph the artist found while exploring the Columbia River Gorge. Jason refers to this demon of Native Mythos as the Snake River God. Symbols depicting him are often sighted close to treacherous crossings, intended to warn travelers of potential dangers. He is associated with snakes and wolves, carrying a large whip which he can use to help protect you from what lurks below the surface, or drag you beneath the water should he so choose.

Snake River Gods
Carved Bull Skull & Walnut Ink, 24"x26"

Hell's Canyon Demons
Draft Horse Pelvis & Walnut Ink, 24"x24"

Coyote Skull & Walnut Ink, 8"x4.5"

Skunk Skull & Walnut Ink, 4.4"x4.5"

Knife I
Rib Bone & Walnut Ink, 10" approx

Knife II
Rib Bone & Walnut Ink, 11" approx

Knife III
Rib Bone & Walnut Ink, 11" approx

Knife IV
Rib Bone & Walnut Ink, 11" approx


Raccoon Skull & Walnut Ink, 5.5"5.5"