BRINK 2020
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20% of all sales will be donated to Audubon Society of Portland
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Elizabeth Jean Younce
Dwindle (Red Wolf, Northern Long-Eared Bats, and Beach Morning Glory)
18x24" (19.5x25.5" framed), Graphite on Paper

Dewi Plass
“Caution: a story of strength and vulnerability”
Acrylic on cradled birch panel, 20.5 x 16.9 x 2 “

Frank Gonzales
Endangered Arizona (Bendire's Thrasher and Turks Head Cactus)
12x12, Acrylic an aerosol on Panel

Brian Mashburn
"Long Live the King"
oil on canvas, framed, 12" x 16" (framed 13" x 17")

Jon MacNair
12" x 14", India ink on paper

Miss Van
Pale Moonlight Muse
Inspired by Tsimshian Bear mask
(First Native Nation of Pacific Northwest Coast, British Columbia)
Oil on canvas, 28"x24"

Zoe Keller
"Gray Wolf Pup and Juvenile Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake"
Graphite on Paper, 12 x 12"

Brin Levinson
"Helmeted Honeyeater"
oil on panel, 11" x 16"

Zach Johnsen
22"x26”, Watercolor, ink on paper

Katy Harrald
’Red Squirrel in Autumn’
8"x10, Pencil on Paper
Katy Harrald
‘Hedgehog in Autumn’
8"x10", Pencil on Paper

Fumi Nakamura
Only That Which Can Change Can Continue
12"x12", Graphite, Color Pencil and Gouache

Veronica Steiner
14"x20", Watercolor on arches

Vanessa Rivera
Dholes, Safe and Unafraid
Oil on wood panel, 24"x30"

Josie Morway
16x20", Oil and enamel on wood

Lauren Gonsalves
Pseudophryne Corroboree - Southern Corroboree Frog
Graphite, 12"x12"

Neil M. Perry
El Rey
Acrylic on Paper, 8.5"x11"

Ferris Plock
Lupis Mallad 1
Acrylic on Vintage Illustration, 16"x20"

Jackie Avery
Acrylic on Canvas, 11"x14"

Johnny Acurso
Welcome Little One
Gouache on Illustration Board, 12"x12"

Redd Walitzki
"Strange Aeons"
11x14, Oil on Aluminum Panel