BRINK 2021
A group exhibition of extinct & endangered species
To purchase please email:
Benefiting Portland Audubon
20% of all sales will be donated toward conservation and education efforts.

Kristin Bell
"Lovers Quarrel"
Acrylic on Panel, 16"x20"

Hallie Packard
Acrylic on wood, 20"x16"

Jon MacNair
"Rothschild's Giraffe"
12" x 16", India ink on paper

Clare Toms
16"x16", Oil on Board

Carolynda Macdonald
The Valley of Lost Souls
36”x33”, Oil on linen

Amy Ruppel
"Red Wolf"
Acrylic on wood panel, 14x11"

Ben Patterson
"Endangered Innocence"
18"x14"x1.5", Oils on Cradled Panel

Megan Buccere
16"x16", oil on birch

Kim Slate
Panthera Tigris
6"x9"x5", Clay, epoxy, wire, gouache

Anthony Solano
"So... we embraced"
24"x24", Acrylic Paint // Canvas

Alexis Trice
‘All seeing, all accepting’
16”x20”, Oil on Panel

Caroline Weaver
Revlon Coffee Bean Lipstick #66
12”x12”, Blacklight Responsive Oils on Wood
When viewed under Blacklight

Neil Perry
New Colonies
16”x20”, Acrylic on Wood Panel

Maryanna Hoggatt
12”x5”x5", Super Sculpey, wire, acrylic, wood

Mwanel Pierre-Louis
In The Cut
16”x16”, Acrylic on Wood Panel

Brin Levinson
"The Patriarch"
oil on panel, 23" x 34"

Keith Carter
"African Wild Dog"
16" x 20", Acrylic on watercolor paper