Darla Jackson - Guarantee of Nothing...
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Darla Jackson is a sculptor living in Philadelphia. She received a BFA in Sculpture from Moore College of Art in 2003, and after receiving a John S. and James L. Knight Arts Challenge Grant in both 2011 and 2013, founded the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, a membership based community sculpture studio.

Jackson currently teaches Figure Modeling at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Animal Sculpture at the Fleisher Art Memorial and Mixed Media Sculpture  at Stockton University.

“My sculpture is an exploration of human emotions. In order to express these ideas, I use feelings that are turned into recognizable visual objects, or symbols, and combine them with other elements to create a duality. Through the anthropomorphism of animals, use of strong body language and symbolism, I can convey these emotions and ideas in a way that is more approachable for viewers. The end result is familiarity with an oddness that makes it compelling.”

The cure for anything... (Trial II )
Fired clay, bronze, glass, acrylic paint
5 ½”h x 3”w x 1 ¼”d

A place to come home to...     
Fired clay, wasp nest, acrylic paint
5 ¼”h x 1 ⅞”w x 1 ⅜”d

Everything is on fire. (Trial III)
Fired clay, burnt wood, acrylic paint
9 ½”h x 7”w x 1 ¼”d

It all comes out wrong anyway…
Fired clay, aluminum, enamel, acrylic paint
11”h x 9 ⅞”w x 2”d

Until they grow loud…
Fired clay, acrylic paint
5 ¾”h x 2 ½”w x 1 ⅜”d

It was rather beautiful… (Trial I)
Fired clay, ribbon, acrylic paint
4 ¾”h x 1 ⅞”w x 1”d (14”h including ribbon)
Trust without fear.
Polyurethane resin
2 ¼”h x 3”w x 1 ⅛”d
$350 (Edition of 5)