SCOPE Miami Beach
Josh Keyes
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Josh Keyes is an artist with deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. He grew up in Tacoma, Washington and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. His academic career took him to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he received his BFA, before going on to Yale University School of Art for his M.F.A. in painting and printmaking.
We have been showing Josh Keyes’ incredible paintings for the past five years and are thrilled to present these newest works as part of our booth at SCOPE Miami Beach. Keyes’ career to date has offered us some alarming visions about where our society is headed, with particular attention paid to the environmental impact of humanity.

20" x 20", acrylic on panel

Red Sea
15"x30", acrylic on panel

Jello I
Acrylic on Birch Panel, 44.5” x 24”

Jello II
Acrylic on Birch Panel, 44.5” x 24”