Kisung Koh
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Kisung Koh is also based in Toronto, Canada. He is showing his paintings at Antler Gallery as part of a feature show for the first time. Having grown up in semi-rural suburbs near Seoul he moved to Canada in 2006. He makes captivating, illuminated scenes and portraits lifted from the wild places of the world. Beyond this initial reading of his works, it’s clear that the sadness and brutality of nature is also at the core of his inspiration.

Oil on wood, 8" x 10"

Oil on wood, 14" x 14"

Night watcher
Oil on wood, 5" x 5"

Between Calm and Passion
Oil on wood, 8" X 10"

Unnecessary Greeting 1
4"x5", water color on paper

Unnecessary greeting 2
4"x5", water color on paper

5" x 8", graphite on paper (framed 13 3/8" x 10 3/4")