SCOPE Miami Beach
Crystal Morey
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Crystal Morey's work investigates ideas of contemporary environmental issues and how humans are impacting the natural world. Through the delicacy of porcelain, she explores these fragile connections and intricate dependencies, creating hybrid creatures of plant, animal and human components. In these imagined beings and landscapes we are reminded of our interwoven ecosystems and that all living things are reliant on each other for the longterm health of the world.
Morey received a BFA in Ceramic Sculpture from the California College of the Arts and an MFA in Spatial Art from San Jose State University. Her work has been featured in New Age of Ceramics, 500 Figures in Clay, Hi-Fructose, American Art Collector, Hey Magazine, Palace Costas, Sculpture Review and Beautiful Bizarre. Morey has been an artist in residence at The LH Project, Watershed, and Penland School of Craft. Currently living in Oakland, California she maintains an active studio practice exhibiting her work in galleries and museums regionally, nationally, and internationally.

“Rising Seas: Florida Panther”
13”x6"x7", Hand sculpted porcelain

“Entangled Future: Mule Deer
11”x7"x5", Hand sculpted porcelain

“Beyond the Borderland: Whooping Crane”
9.75” x 9” x 4.5”, Hand sculpted porcelain

“Beyond the Borderland: Dik-dik”
10.25” x 7” x 4.5”, Hand sculpted porcelain