A collaborative curation with Paradigm Gallery

The Second Biennial Co-Curated Exhibition between Paradigm Gallery + Studio & Antler Gallery
​20 Artists, 2 Cities, 1 Bicoastal Exhibition

Opening Receptions:
"Remembered" • Friday, August 24th • 5:30pm - 10:00pm
Location: Paradigm Gallery + Studio • Philadelphia, PA

"Imagined" • Thursday, August 30th • 6:00pm-9:00pm
Location: Antler Gallery • Portland, OR

Featuring Artwork by:
Kevin Cyr • Adrian Landon Brooks • Darla Jackson • Laura Berger • Andrew McIntosh • Brin Levinson • Sarah Detweiler • Kay Healy • Sean Mahan • Allison May Kiphuth • Mary Iverson • Ruby Silvious • Jeremy Nichols • Hollis Heichemer • Stephanie Buer • Peter Adamyan • Rosa de Jong • Brooks Salzwedel • Alvaro Naddeo • Emily White

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Paradigm Gallery and Antler Gallery are excited to present our second co-curated biennial group exhibition, which spans two themes and two cities, with an opening reception on each coast. The galleries collectively invited 21 artists, asking them to make two pieces tackling the themes of memory and imagination.

In modern society, the concept of what constitutes reality is continually being challenged. The advancement of VR technology; the echo-chambers created by algorithmic social media; and world leaders who implore people not to believe what they see and hear, but to simply trust what they are told have all contributed to this phenomenon. The result for many is a day-to-day life in which you feel untethered to reality and unmoored from normality. For others it is a world within a world which reflects back to them what they want to see and hear at all times. Whether we’re relying on memory to maintain a sense of what we understand reality to be or harnessing our imagination to envision a world beyond our present situation these inextricably linked facets of human existence are essential tools for navigating our present era of subjectivity.

The “Remembered” works will be on display in Philadelphia at Paradigm Gallery and the "Imagined" works will be on display at Antler Gallery in Portland, with openings six days apart. The works may be viewed as stand alone pieces, but many also serve as diptych works.

For the galleries, the dual-city exhibition is a way to expand our curatorial horizons through collaboration. It allows us the room to push our vision into new areas and extend invitations to artists whom we have long-admired, but hadn’t previously had an opportunity to showcase.

The relationship between Paradigm and Antler began four years ago, predicated by the fact that we both work with a handful of the same artists. Upon meeting, we realized that this commonality extends beyond overlap in the artists on our rosters. Both galleries started in humble, small spaces before moving to larger premises, both galleries are co-owned by a male/female team, and both galleries share an ethos about curation and art collection which is sincerely artist forward. Since becoming acquainted we have frequently shared experiences and advice across a wide range of subjects in support of one another. It seemed natural that we would want to work together in a more substantial and collaborative way. This show is the result of that desire to combine forces.