Brin Levinson - REVIVAL
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Brin Levinson is renowned for his beautiful depictions of urban landscapes, vacated by humans and reclaimed by wildlife. His distinctive style is defined by environments that oscillate in and out of focus. He tends to play with lighting in a way which can either illuminate his scenes or plunge them into darkness.
Over the past couple of years he has expanded his body of work to incorporate portraits-style pieces which also utilize intense variations of light and a focus. After striking out in a new directions in a quest to add to his narrative and technical arsenal, this show represents a culmination of these explorations being brought full circle.
In Revival we see works which in terms of subject matter and composition harken back to his original style, alongside pieces with a much tighter frame. Every piece feels like a blend of the last decade of technical and conceptual voyaging.

"Northline Revival"
37"x25", oil on canvas panel

25"x18", oil on panel

17"x22", oil on panel

"The Arrival"
31"x20", oil on panel

"Blue Green Tanager"
12"x15", oil on panel

"I'm an Animal"
16"x22", oil on panel

"Pebble Dove"
15"x15", oil on panel

"The Sleeping Tree"
18"x24", oil on panel

"The Visit"
20 x 30, oil on panel

"The Staying Quest"
35"x19", oil on panel

24"x18", oil on panel

"The Light Well"
36"x22", oil on panel