Amy Ruppel
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Amy Ruppel, who grew up in Plymouth, Wisconsin, took a keen interest in science and nature from a young age. This fascination has always informed her creative output. She’s adept at many different media with a portfolio spanning digital illustration, drawing, painting and print-making.
Her work is a commentary on our rapidly changing world and environment, focusing primarily on the people and animals who have been displaced by these political and geographical upheavals. Her color pallet is unmistakable. The arctic seascapes at sunset at once showcase the beauty of the world around us and offer an insinuation of its inherent fragility. There is juxtaposition of essential elements of habitat and the animals that rely on them, such as the glacier and the polar bear. In other paintings whales are lifted out of their ocean homes to float above through beautiful but foreboding skies.

Humpback, Glacial Melt
Acrylic on wood panel, 12"x24”

Arctic Fire
Acrylic on wood panel, 12"x24”

RRS Sir David Attenborough
Acrylic on wood panel, antique frame, 16"x20”

Soft Enthalpy
Acrylic on wood panel, 18"x24”

Vulcan Udina (Kamchatka, Russia)
Acrylic on wood panel, 12"x16”

The Unveiling
Acrylic on wood panel, 11"x14”