Untamed Splendor
A group exhibition celebrating 10 years of Antler Gallery
To purchase please email gallerist@antlerpdx.com
We offer a payment plan on all original works, please feel free to inquire.

Amory Abbott
Caldera 3: Sapling
Charcoal on Paper, 28"x20"

Brad Woodfin
Old Habits
Oil on Panel, 5"x7" (oval)

Vasilisa Romanenko
Acrylic on Canvas, 12"x16"

Sean Mahan
Blue Thread
Acrylic on Wood, 16"x16"

Syd Bee
Soft Sorrow
Oil on Wood, 12"x12"

Katy Harrald
Feral Majesty
Pencil on Bristol Board, 7"x7"
(Framed 11"x11")

Justin Santora
Letting Go
Acrylic & Gouache on Panel, 8"x8"

Justin Santora
Acrylic & Gouache on Panel, 12"x12"

Peter Bakacs
Acrylic on Canvas, 18"x18"

Dave Pollot
Medium Yellow Ochre
Oil on Found Art, 28"x23.5" (framed)

Vanessa Foley
Oil on Birch Panel, 15.5" Diameter

Stacey Rozich
"Greetings, Friend"
Watercolor on Paper, 15"x17.5"

Jessica So Ren Tang
Silver Linings
Hand Embroidery on Organza, 12" Diameter

Michelle Melcher
Oil on Panel, 12"x14" in Antique Frame

Lindsey Carr
Latent Rules
Oil on Wood Panel, 20" Diameter

3rd Version
You Left Me No Room To Grow
Oil on Cradled Panel, 29.5"x34"

David Rice
MiniMart on 72nd
Oil on Canvas, 26"x22.5"

Leon Keer
Acrylic on Wood Panel (left) & Hand-cut Reclaimed Wood (right), 30"x34"

Christina Mrozik
I Will Soften Into
Watercolor on Paper, 13"x18" image size (18"x24" paper size)

Erika Sanada
Ceramic, Cold Finich, 12"x10"x10"

Christa Rijneveld & Regan Johnston
You Make My Heart Sing
Acrylic on Canvas, 22"x28"

Andie Taylor
Oil Paint on Braced Plywood, 24"x30"

Steve Martinez
acrylic & aerosol on wood, 14"x14"

Allison Sommers
The Man for the Job
gouache, acrylic & mixed media on wood panel, 12"x12"

acrylic & gouache on paper, 8"x8"

Rachel Sabin
Oil on Canvas, 11"x14"

Matt Linares
Acrylic on Wood, 12"x16"

Tripper Dungan
Mama Scorp
Acrylic on Wood, 14"x21"

Kelly Tunstall
Raspberry Beret
Acrylic on Panel, 11"x14"
Thomas Jackson
Inland Taipan
Gouache on Arches, 13"x18.5"

Alex Kuno
Little Voice from the Mountains
Oil on Linen Mounted Panel, 9"x12"

Morgaine Faye
Tragedy of the Commons
Graphite on Paper, 40"x40"

Anthony Solano
Sweet Tooth
Acrylic on Canvas, 20"x20"

Matthew Rucker
Oil on Panel, 16"x12"

Jeremy Nichols
Uncertain Happening
Graphite, acrylic & spray-paint on paper, 12"x16"

Kristin Bell
Love Letters from Pardise - No1
Oil on Wood Panel, 16"x20"

Zoe Keller
Brewer's Blackbird & Common Garter Snake
Graphite on Paper, 14"x18"

Julian Callos
Picnic II
Acrylic, Acrylic Gouache & Colored Pencil on Rives BFK, 18"x24"

Juliet Schreckinger
Stand By Me
Ink & Graphite on Arches, 12.5"x15.6"

Brin Levinson
The Bluffs
Oil on Panel, 16"x22"

Rebecca Luncan
My Grandfather's Poppies
Oil on Aluminium, 12"x16"

Drew Leshko
Bar Arrow, North Philadelphia
acrylic, paper, pasetel, watercolor, 17.5"x1.75"10"

Michael McConnell
Untamed Splendor - Then
Acrylic on Wood Panel, 18"x24"

Michael McConnell
Untamed Splendor - Now
Acrylic on Wood Panel, 18"x24"

Frau Isa
Lunar Solar
Acrylic on Canvas Board, 12"x16"

J.A.W. Cooper
Graphite & Ink of Duralar & Stonehenge Paper 8"x12" (14.5"x18.5" framed)

Neil Perry
21st Century Pastoral
Acrylic on Wood Panel, 12"x16"

Josh Keyes
Acrylic on Birch Panel, 11"x14"

Win Wallace
Parishoner #6
Charcoal, Conte & Pencil, 24"x38"

Joseph Renda Jr.
Wild Fires & Paper Planes
Oil & Spray Paint on Alimunum, 16"x24"

Amy Ruppel
Caribou, Midnight Sun
Acrylic & Casein on Wood Panel, 16"x20"

Susannah Kelly
In The Sun
Gouache on Wood Panel, 12"x16"

Pizza In The rain
Oregon Theatre
Acrylic on Panel, 12"x12"

VR Rivera
Swan Dive
Oil on Canvas, 18"x24"

Stephanie Inagaki
Dance With Death
Charcoal, Gold Foil Washi, 12"x16"

Nikoo Bafti
Spilling In
Gouache on Stonehenge Black Cotton Paper, 10"x10" (14"x14" framed)

Cocodrilo en cuclillas
India Ink & Graphite on Mylar, 18"x24"

Cayl Austin
Tru Blu
Oil on Wood, 20"x24"

London James
Air More Uptempo
Slip cast porcelain, 10.5"x6.5"x4"
Fired to cone 6 temp.

Ferris Plock
Gouache and Gold Leaf, 16"x20"

Keith Carter
Acrylic on Paper, 7"x19" (framed 12"x24")

Joe Vollan
The Midnight Hunters
Acrylic on Birch Panel, 11"x18" (framed 15"x23")

Danny Samuels
Mixed Media, 7"x4"x4"

Brian Mashburn
Lion Walking in Tall Grass
Oil on Canvas, 10"x7"

JP Neang
Forest of Sleven
Graphite & Mixed Media, 11"x14" (framed 16"x20")

John Casey
Creative Cat
Pencil & Colored Pencil on Paper, 11"x14"

Dom De Venuta
Death is the Greatest Adventure
Gouache, 16.5"x20.5"

John Casey
Pencil & Colored Pencil on Paper, 14"x17"

Alexis Trice
It's Okay to Feel
Oil on Cradled Panel, 9"x12"
John Casey
Popup Chicken
Pencil & Colored Pencil on Paper, 11"x14"

Bethany Krull
Porcelain, Glaze, 8"x10"4"
Rebecca Mason Adams
Charlotte #3
Acrylic on Canvas, 14"x16"

Crystal Morey
Entangled Future: Mule Deer
Hand-Sculpted Porcelain, 11"x7"x5"

Kane Kokaris
Acrylic and Spray Paint on Wood, 12"x16"

Erika Sanada
Ceramic, Cold Finish, 7"x6"x10"

Calvin Ma
In the Weeds
Ceramic, Glaze, 22ct Gold Luster, Resin, 9.5"x6"x6"
Erika Sanada
Be With Me
Ceramic, Cold Finish, 13"x14"x12"

Josie Morway
The Stories That Aren't Ours to Tell I
Oil and Enamel on Wood, 24"x36"
Calvin Ma
Flight of Fancy
Ceramic, Glaze, 13"x15"x8"

Lorren Lowrey
Pam's Choice
Porcelain, Acrylic & Wood Plaque, 20"x19"11"