Wilderness IV
A Group Exhibition Co-Curated with Scott Listfield

Kaetlyn Able
Meeting Place
16"x20", scratchboard and acrylic on panel

Chris Austin
You Seem Nearer to Me
14.5"x12.4", gouache hot press Arches paper mounted to wood panel

Vanessa Foley
The Ceremony
12"x12", graphite on 100% cotton paper

Josie Morway
Fourth Wall
20"x20", oil on canvas

Alex Warnick
Kinglet Songscape
6"x8" (8.5"x10.5" framed), Acrylic

David Rice
20"x25", Oil on Board

Elizabeth Livingston
18"x22", Oil on Canvas

Elizabeth Livingston
Day Dream
11"x15", Oil on Canvas

Dewi Plass
16.5"x16.5", Acrylic on Birch Panel

Kristin Moore
Smoke (Lake Tahoe)
20"x20", Acrylic on canvas, custom Shou Sugi Ban frame

Alvaro Nadeo
Eagle One
12"x12", Watercolor on Paper

Shae Warnick
European Goldfinches
8"x10", Oil on Panel

Heather Sundquist Hall
Memory Palace
11"x14", Gouache on Arches Hot Press Paper

Mwanel Pierre-Louis
Stretch to the Soul
16"x16", Acrylic on Wood Panel

Imagine 876
Nepali Night Sky
12"x12", Acrylic on Wood Panel