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Bennett Slater - The Bearded Glint Toad


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Oil on wood // 12" x 16" 

Dwelling predominantly in damp caves, cellars and crypts, this nocturnal amphibian has hastily evolved its camouflaging traits to mirror the appearance of burning candles. This peculiar trick utilizes a gently swaying, bioluminescent sack on the toad’s back, which mimics the flicker of a flame and grants the toad the hypnotizing ability to lure in moths and smaller insects. When an insect lands nearby, a tacky wax-like secretion flowing from the toad traps the prey, dooming it for later consumption.

The camouflaging ability of the Bearded Glint Toad is so convincing, that very few tend to be noticed in the wild. Because of this apparent rarity, live specimens are very valuable in traditional practices. During the Middle Ages, if you kept a Bearded Glint Toad in a lantern outside your house, it was said to ward off dark visitors.