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Bennett Slater - Tooth Faerie


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Bennett Slater
Tooth Faerie
12"x16", Oil on Wood
Tooth Faerie: Used as the basis for the "Tooth Fairy" of children's folklore, the Tooth Faerie is quite real, and much more maleficent than its fictional counterpart. The Tooth Faerie is identified by its pristine porcelain-like flesh, resembling that of a delicate figurine. It uses this as a disguise to blend in on knick-knack shelves and curio cabinets inside a host's dwelling. As a nocturnal creature, the Tooth Faerie waits until all other creatures are asleep to forage for its meal. As its namesake has already divulged, the creature feeds on dentin, and the pulpy substance beneath it; most commonly found inside teeth. Unlike the fairy of stories, the Tooth Faerie is known to consume teeth from hosts of all ages, though it finds children and infants to be easier targets. The process of collecting and feeding on teeth has never been recorded or documented, so it can't be determined exactly how it is performed, but victims do report significant pain upon waking. Once a tooth has been extracted of its resources, all that remains is the hollow outer enamel shell. Unsatisfactory or irregular teeth are often discarded after feeding, but it is believed that in rare instances, perfect specimens are collected and absorbed into the body of the creature, rejuvenating its extravagant, porcelain-like finish.