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Gustavo Rimada - Huitzilopochtli


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Gustavo Rimada
acrylic on wood,
Who is Huitzilopochtli - He was the Aztec god of the Sun and war. He is often depicted as a hummingbird.

Aztecs used to offer human sacrifices to Huitzilopochtli . The victims were usually prisoners captured in the frequent wars that Aztecs were fighting against their neighbors. The sacrifices were intended to secure rain, harvests and success in war. The hummingbird is often worn by warriors as a necklace for good luck . The hummingbird is white to represent purity, it’s wing is of a butterfly to represent our ancestors and it’s blood drop eye is a representation of the many sacrifices for huitzilopochtli. The rose represents the universe in which huitzilopochtli ( the sun ) rules.