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Isolation Zine (Pre-Order)


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Pre-order will end June 1st. Zines will ship by June 15th to accommodate printing timelines. 

Isolation // 8.5" x 5.5"

Isolation is a community journal where artists, writers and friends offer us a view into their own personal experiences with, or thoughts about, quarantine during the current global pandemic.

Thank you for supporting this project. All proceeds will be donated to the Oregon Food Bank.

Participating Artists: 

Jessica Brilli, Kevin Gleason , John Casey, Heiko Müller, Matt Linares, Allison Sommers, Brian Mashburn, Mike Egan, Dom DeVenuta, Jennifer Parks, Seth Rapp, Susannah Kelly, Neil Perry, Amory Abbott, Brad Woodfin, Martin Clifford, Jon MacNair, Kathleen Kelly, Lauren Lathrop, Brin Levinson, Christina Mrozik, Chris Austin, Dan Barry, Dan McCarthy, Cayl Austin, Rachel Sabin, Morgaine Faye, Darla Jackson, Eve Connell, Sheila Kelly, Leon Keer, & More.