Jeremy Nichols - What the F*** is Happening?


Jeremy Nichols
What the F*** is Happening?
Acrylic on Wood Panel, 18"x24"
Imagine waking up to pandemics, protests, wildfires, droughts, wars, hurricanes, automated vehicles, climate change, tik toc, virtual reality, amazon, violence, the list endlessly goes on. So many things have rapidly changed in the past year, let alone the past decade, that I often found myself asking, “what is f*** happening ?”
Along with the rise of technology, we are constantly manipulating the world’s natural landscape for the benefit of human beings. In return, nature fights back with more and more catastrophic natural disasters which is a vicious cycle that is devastating to the population and animals alike.
In this piece, I wanted to take on the “world” in the perspective of the animals. Imagine waking
up to fires caused by gender reveal parties, mounds of garbage in your yard, strange objects driving through your backyard, giant dams in your homes, the heater is suddenly on, and the countless unrecognizable/unnatural “things” invading your natural world. I often think the animals are asking themselves everyday, “what the f*** is happening”.