Juliet Schreckinger- Lou the Leatherback Sea Turtle and His Lighthouse


Lou the Leatherback Sea Turtle and His Lighthouse
7”x9”, Ink and graphite on Arches hot pressed paper

First lit in 1894, the Heceta Head Lighthouse is said to be the strongest light on the Oregon coast. Its light has guided so many through the waters surrounding it, continually casting its beautiful beams of light across the sea. On this particular day on the Oregon coast, there was a terrible storm rolling in. The fog was so thick that one could not see more than a few feet ahead. Lou the leatherback sea turtle found himself getting very anxious, as he was having an extremely hard time navigating his way back to the shore line. He had spent the day out flying above the ocean with his sea bird friends, exploring the uncharted deep waters off the coast. He was becoming more and more frightened, unsure of how he could ever make it back to land in these conditions. Just then, he saw a very faint beam of light piercing through the soupy fog. At first he thought he was imagining it, but as he grew closer to it he realized that it was getting stronger. He followed the beam of light all the way back to the coast. When he finally reached the source of the light, he saw it was a lighthouse. It was being smashed into again and again by the crashing waves from the storm, yet still it
stood tall and unmoving. He felt so much gratitude towards the lighthouse at that very moment, and decided he would hug it against the side that was being battered by the storm. He wanted to protect it so that it could stand as a beacon of light for all those who needed guidance in this terrible storm. He stayed with the lighthouse for hours on this foggy night, warmed by the glow of its beautiful lens.