Juliet Schreckinger - Moonlight Flight


Moonlight Flight
22”x22”, Ink and graphite on Arches hot pressed paper

Waldo the great horned owl has always considered himself to be an explorer. He has spent his time on this earth learning and visiting new places, finding so much joy in the different landscapes he has seen. He had always traveled alone, not minding the time spent exploring in solitude. Lately though, his eyes seem to not be as good as they once were, especially at night. He was always able to see everything so clearly, but he recently has had trouble navigating after the sun goes down and only the moon is there to give light to the darkness. On his most recent travels, he met a toad named Seymour. They got to talking, and Seymour shared about his dreams of being able to fly. "It is that amazing, there is nothing better than flying through a cool starry night sky. But I am afraid that was my last flight, as my eyesight has become increasingly bad at night and I am scared I will get lost. I can no longer navigate as I could when I was young," Waldo explained. They sat for a long time in silence, when finally Seymour said, "What if I am your eyes?" He paused, looking at Waldo. "What if you take me with you, and I help you navigate? I would get to experience flying, and you would get to continue exploring at night as you always have!" Waldo adored this idea, and immediately wanted to try out Seymour's plan. Waldo helped Seymour onto his back, and took off into the night sky. It worked; Seymour navigated them both perfectly while Waldo glided through the crisp autumn air. They picked up more friends along the way, and soon there was a whole crew of nighttime explorers, all helping to navigate the beautiful old owl who thought that he would never be able to explore like this again.