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Kari-Lise Alexander - The 5th Instar


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4”x 10.5” // oil on panel 

The Eurycantha Calcarata is a large species of ground dwelling stick insects from the island of New Guinea in Oceania. It is sometimes referred to as the Giant Spiny Stick Insect and should not be confused with the Extatosoma Tiaratum or the Giant Prickly Stick Insect of Queensland and New South Wales. This species goes through several instars (molts) before reaching maturity. If the conditions are ideal, and if the insect has been feed enough clove and rose water it will develop an all-seeing eye in its fifth instar. Stick insect breeders should be wary if they are successful in achieving a Spiny Stick with an all-seeing eye. It is said that many have gone mad looking directly into the eye and that looking at it should be avoided at all costs.