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Kevin Peterson - Shield


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Oil on panel // 23" x 30" // **SOLD**

Kevin Peterson created this piece for Antler Gallery's annual show "Unnatural Histories" in 2016.

Clone of the Woolly Mammoth

After the first successful woolly mammoth clone by Dr. George Church and his team in April 2027, it didn’t take long for the animal to grow in number.  In conjunction with other labs around the world, the animals were bred and released into the northern latitudes. The goal of the project was to convert the tundra back to grasslands with the introduction of grazers suitable for the environment. Without the grassland to insulate the tundras permafrost, the permafrost is melting, releasing greenhouse gases that have been trapped for tens of thousands of years and contributing heavily to global climate change.

As the military conflicts around the world raged on year after year and as the number of different factions fighting against each other continued to multiply, an unexpected alliance emerged.  In some surprisingly frequent incidents, children displaced by the fighting or the loss of their families or homes were “adopted’ by these giants. No one is quite sure how the relationships initially developed, but observers have noted a mutual trust and respect between the two.