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Ki Sung Koh - Henry


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12" x 12" // Oil on wood (framed) 

I chose 'Tarsier' as my mythical animal which is a real creature that was listed among the 25 most endangered primates.
Tarsiers are the oldest and the most mysterious primates with huge eyes that weighs about only 150grams living in Bohol island in Philippine. There have been no successful breeding colonies in captivity as they need special feeding requirements and no one has figured them out yet.
To me , It looks like they are little spirits that belong to  the forest  bringing lives, deaths, and balances .
 According to old belief of people living in Bohol , if you harm them, you would become sick and be suffered from bad luck.
Sadly, Tarsiers have become so rare that many young people have never seen one in life ,so I wanted to bring the beauty of the mysterious creature to this particular piece