Kindra Nikole - Neráidos


12" x 12" //  mixed-media archival print with acrylic embellishments, resin glazed and mounted to wood panel

Kindra Nikole created this piece for Antler Gallery's annual show "Unnatural Histories" in 2016


"The solitary and nomadic Neráidos dwells deep within the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest.  This mystical creature travels from forest to forest, feeding on local fauna before moving on. All Neráidos are herbivores. They subsist on the detritus of decomposing vegetation found on the forest floor but have been known to eat fungi, moss, and fresh ivy as well. Although Neráidos prefer to live in isolation, forest rats are drawn to them and often travel many miles alongside their dryadic companions. Scholars speculate that the two share a symbiotic relationship, although no one has gathered enough data to confirm this theory. 
Catching sight of one of these mysterious forest dwellers is incredibly rare, as they have the ability to shapeshift—and will do so the moment any human comes within a few hundred feet of them. When they sense danger or an unfamiliar presence, they rapidly assume the form of a mossy tree, tangled with ivy. Their limbs become rooted to the earth, and in this form, they draw nutrients from the soil, allowing them to remain hidden for as long as a year, if necessary. Due to deforestation, Neráidos settle into their tree form less and less frequently. It seems that Neráidos are migrating farther north, perhaps due to reckless logging, as fortunate hikers (and unfortunate loggers) have reported Neráidos sightings as far north as the Yukon Territory."

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