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Limited Edition Print - Corrected Course by David Rice


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Artist: David Rice

Title: "Corrected Course"

Publisher: Antler Gallery

Manufacturer: Colorhaus

Specs: Signed and Numbered Edition of 30, 14" x 30"

Paper: Archival Giclee on Hahnemuhle Etching Paper

Price: $150 (plus $20 domestic shipping)

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David Rice:
My painting "Corrected Course” is based off of Norman Rockwell’s 1969 painting, “From the Earth to the Moon.” Rockwell’s painting was commissioned by Look Magazine and portrays the crew involved in the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. His piece directly shows the hope and persistence that the human spirit is capable of. I wanted to show those same themes and ideals through the subjects I paint. My interpretation continues the ‘hope’ Rockwell achieved through a different lens. It takes an entire team of people working together to achieve something great like space travel. All members are necessary for the goals to be met. My piece aims to echo this same sentiment. The subjects in my painting are necessary parts of a successful ecosystem. If one member is gone, the rest suffer, but if all members play their part then the ecosystem thrives.