Marta Witkiewicz - Heron in Bloom


Marta Witkiewicz
Heron in Bloom
8.2"x11.7", Graphite pencils and gold acrylic paint on bristol paper

In my writings, I’m developing stories that take place in the Enchanted Forest created by the ancient Spirit of Nature. Shelter for all the animals and plants which are gone from the Earth or are on a verge of extinction. It’s a place where fauna and flora merge together living in a perfect symbiosis. In this way all the species are stronger, and more resistant, complementing each other, and balancing strengths and weaknesses. Magical force flows through all the roots of trees and plants which grow and expand beneath the ground, all of them connected. It is this power that makes animals and plants merge together.

Chaplya ( name derived from Slavic languages and means simply "heron".) – the Queen of all birds is one of the oldest spirits traversing the skies. Don’t be fooled by her posture full of grace and stillness, thus her beak sharp as a spear has pierced the enemy through not only once. Not without a reason, creatures of ancient forest call her The Huntress. She never leaves the boundaries of her realm, for the task entrusted to her requires constant observation from above. She is the protector, the eyes of the forest., and the only one that can reach the crown of the Life Tree, where those who passed reside. Her duty is to safely carry their souls to this place of this eternal peace and watch over them until the end of the days.