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Matthew Rucker - Eurasian Deer Fox


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Matthew Rucker
Eurasian Deer Fox
Oil on Canvas, 24"x36"
Region: The western Steppes of Russia
Characteristics: The Eurasian Deer Fox is one of the most elusive creatures in the animal kingdom. They are rarely seen by people, as they actively avoid the sounds, lights, and smells that accompany human activity. Their long legs and sleek bodies make them fast and skillful hunters. They are equally adept at sprinting over the vast steppe as they are darting through the forests at the feet of the Ural Mountains. Their main prey are ground squirrels
and marmots, but they also eat berries, herbs, and grasses. They are also a prey animal to larger carnivores, such as brown bears and grey wolves. Lone animals are not fast enough to catch a Deer Fox - they can only be caught with coordinated group attacks. As Deer Fox are hard to find, study is limited. It is unknown what it uses its antlers for, or how this unique adaptation developed in an omnivore, as they are the only known meat-eater to grow antlers. There is some anecdotal information about them gathered from Eurasian
nomadic groups, as they consider Deer Fox sacred animals. The nomads revere them as the embodiment of duality and universal balance. The Deer Foxes’ desire for privacy is so respected by local herdsmen and nomads that it is considered extremely unlucky to look at, let alone kill, a Deer Fox. However, it is acceptable to take antlers found on the steppe, paint them half black - half white, and display them above their doorway.