Rebecca Luncan - Summers End


Rebecca Luncan
Summers End
Oil on Copper, 11"x14" (17.5"x20.5" framed)
Vibrance was captured as a filly, along other foals from her herd, her magic used in a protracted war to cure wounds and cleanse water for drinking. When the war ended, Vibrance languished for years as the last surviving captive, held against the chance her magic would be needed again.
One day salvation came for Vibrance. Molly was a young orphan with deep love for horses, and the two were instantly bonded. Molly cared for Vibrance for many months, exercising in secret until they were strong enough to escape. The companions shared many adventures together, and Molly enjoyed a long life by the side of her best friend.
Here Vibrance stands at the shore of an island in the Pacific Northwest. She has lived a long life full of suffering and joy, which is the best any of us can hope for. Her own filly runs nearby in the forests of the island, while Vibrance warms her bones in the sunshine, under the great, free sky.