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Sean Edward Whelan - Thylacine


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Sean Edward Whelan
20"x20", acrylic on wood panel
The Thylacine (Greek via Latin - Dog-headed pouched one) was found across the Australian continent, and commmon in Tasmania at the time of European settlement around 200 years ago. Perhaps misunderstood because of its appearance and blamed for stock loss, these shy creatures were hunted to extinction by the early 1900s. The last remaining Thylacine died in captivity in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1936.
Despite this, even today, some people strongly believe they live deep in the wilderness of Tasmania, and the animal has taken on a mythological status.
Others are satisfied they are extinct and determined to bring them back with preserved DNA and science.
"Thylacine" is a painting of a monument to the Tasmanian Tiger, a creature that exists between an ending and a new beginning.