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Susanne Apgar - Grounded


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Oil on wood panel // 20" x 20", (framed 21" x 21")

Susanne Apgar created this piece for Antler Gallery's annual show "Unnatural Histories" in 2016.

Flightless Blue Sparkle Bat

The evolution of the flightless Blue Sparkle Bat is quite remarkable and unique. The phylogenetic traits that would normally take thousands of years to manifest, seemed to have expressed themselves after mere generations.  While the reasons for this evolutionary adaptation are widely disputed, most would agree that it is an unfortunate one. It would appear that the aposematism adaptation  initially appeared in this bat in order to warn predators of its faux toxicity. This was followed uncharacteristically quickly by the development of an iridescence and finally the bright sparkles we see today. The narcissistic 'Jewelling' of the skin seems to have developed spontaneously in response to some form of currently undefined  self-absorption .  The weight of these jewelled adaptations have grounded this previously flying bat.  It would appear to be a case of  'too fast, too soon'. Sadly these bats must now live in specialised sanctuaries due to their inability to effectively gather food resources.  They are completely dependent on humans for survival.

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