Thomas Jackson - ‘Guula Ngurra’


Guula Ngurra’
Water color and Gouache on Archers, 19.6"x15"
Guula Ngurra means ‘Koala Country’ to the traditional owners of the land, the Gundangara people. This is also the name of a new NSW national park that has been created with the aim of protecting koala’s and koala habitats.
During the devastating bushfires earlier this year it was near impossible not to see heart breaking Images of koalas with burns and singed fur, so protected new habitats are a welcome site. Within this artwork I wish to also show a different threat.
The Australian bush is very resilient and has evolved to co-exist with fires, although the animals that feed of the bush (such as koalas) are now facing starvation as they struggle to find enough food while the bush regenerates.