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Tripper Dungan - Curse of the lucky paw


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Tripper Dungan
Curse of the lucky paw
15"x5.5", Acrylic on salvaged wood
No one is quite sure where the lucky paw originated, but it’s said to have been passed down many generations with this story: “Avis and Marleen grabbed their suitcases and patted their pockets making sure they had their train tickets as they were leaving the house for a long awaited honeymoon. Avis had been working such grueling hours they decided to get a jump on things they would take an overnight train to the coast. They were so in love and had to put off their honeymoon while Avis finished a research project at the university he worked at. Just as Marleen was reaching for the doorknob a long loud scraping sound came from the other side of the frosted glass on the door. Just then a harry arm smashed through and grabbed Marleen in an attempt to pull her through the door. She was a scrappy one and bit the beastly appendage at the elbow. She was desperately looking around for an improvised weapon when she saw the hatchet by the fireplace. There was a loud extended scream, one of pain but also of heartache. Avis reentered the room mouth agape with the tranquilizer gun he used to capture creatures for his experiments. His eye catches the gleam of the gemstone on the finger of the hairy disembodied paw his new wife now holds. With rage in her eyes and a sense of betrayal in her heart she uses the paw to point at the broken door. “Leave now”. Moments after he steps over the threshold a scream, not unlike the one heard earlier but not the same either, rings out leaving Marleen in a stagnant black sea of deafening silence holding a curious keepsake.